Moerman, the first and best choice for cleaning materials

Moerman has been a developer and producer of the very best cleaning tools for floors and windows since 1885.

At Moerman, we produce and develop innovative and sustainable cleaning tools for floors and windows. With our floor wipers and glass wipers, cleaning is easy and efficient.

Our window cleaning tools: the result of focused product development.

Innovation for Moerman was a necessity for surviving world wars and economic crises. Now, research and development in specialised tools for professional window cleaners is our main differentiator. Our targeted product development and professional team make the Moerman cleaning products unique.

Every day Moerman products are used and approved by professional window cleaners worldwide.

Our history

Founded in 1885 as a brush manufacturer, Moerman developed into the undisputed world leader in the niche of floor squeegees in the course of the twentieth century.

Our innovative drive is expressed in, among other things, the superior DuraFlex® rubber that we have developed, which is still the core component of the famous Moerman squeegee. From the sixties our company also focused on export and in the nineties we opened our first branch in America.

With its own R & D, Moerman also presents itself as an innovative player for professional window wipers and accessories from 2015 onwards.

Meanwhile, the fifth generation of family is at the helm of Moerman and our professional cleaning tools are sold in more than fifty countries to cleaners and professional window cleaners.

Distribution In Australia

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