The LIQUIDATOR channel is the flagship which came out of the collaboration with the R&D department and professional window cleaners in the field.



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The LIQUIDATOR is a channel with specially designed end tips that support the Dura-Flex® rubber blades all the way to the outer edges of the rubber blade. This allows the LIQUIDATOR to go all the way to the rim of the window, leaving zero water residues, drastically reducing cumbersome and time-consuming cloth prepping and detailing.

The LIQUIDATOR works great on all kind of windows: thick or thin rubber seals, old or new steel edges, wooden, plastic or aluminium frames…

Working with the LIQUIDATOR 2.0 means not only less handling with different tools but due to the perfect pressure distribution, the lightweight aluminium channel floats like air on the glass, which also ensures smooth and easy performance without causing excessive strain on arms and shoulders – even after hours of intensive window cleaning.

Keep in mind when using your LIQUIDATOR 2.0 channel in an optimal way:

  1. Place your original LIQUIDATOR rubber in the middle of the channel
  2. Use enough detergent, preferably directly on the sleeve
  3. Put minimum pressure and it floats like air
  4. Get a feel for the right angle of attack
  5. No detailing of the window
20pcs/box Product reference
LIQUIDATOR 2.0 – 25cm / 10″ ID23215
LIQUIDATOR 2.0 – 30cm / 12″ ID23216
LIQUIDATOR 2.0 – 35cm / 14″ ID23217
LIQUIDATOR 2.0 – 45cm / 18″ ID23218
LIQUIDATOR 2.0 – 55cm / 22″ ​ID23219


5 sets/polybag Product reference
LIQUIDATOR 2.0 replacement end-clips ID 23520


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25cm / 10", 30cm / 12", 35cm / 14", 45cm / 18", 55cm / 22"