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Ultimate FLIQ Complete 3.0 Squeegee

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Ultimate 3.0 Squeegee Moerman Ultimate Fliq Complete

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Any horizontal, vertical, overhead or hard to reach place that comes up – you’ll be able to get the job done in an efficient and safe way.


Do the F*LIQ!!

No need to use a squeegee in one hand and a microfiber cloth in the other, this is the only go-to window cleaning product you’ll ever need. On an extension pole or by hand, this incredible combo will do the trick! It doesn’t get EASE(ier) than this!
Jack’s favorite requires a soft hand. Swivel by turning your pole grip like the gas-handle of a motorcycle, guide the pole as you would a lady during dancing and do the F*LIQ like you would flip your pancakes.

The Excelerator 2.0:
This handle takes your window cleaning to another level. This handle is engineered to be easy to use, more robust, even more adjustable and stable. The design of the bi-component handle is sculpted to fit comfortably in your hand.
The Excelerator 2.0 doesn’t only promise, it delivers! Unlike any other handle on the market, it features 5 adaptable angles among which are 2 negative angles. It is the handle that can help you do that unreachable and nasty job in a considerably shorter period of time! It’s also your perfect partner for extension pole work.

  • Redesigned gripping jaw allowing for deeper reach when closing out a window.
  • Extreme angle range: -20° | -5° | +10° | +25° | +40°
  • The negative angles and thinner jaw allow for easier closing out.
  • New channel locking mechanism, more user-friendly and secure.

Do the F*LIQ!! The F*LIQ is a lightning fast switching sleeve. The ideal partner for use on a pole.

  • 100% high quality microfiber
  • Extra padding ensures high water retention
  • Washable at 60°
  • High tear and wear resistance

Meet Moerman’s extraordinary Liquidator 3.0.
It is an angled edge channel, unique in its kind and now even more accurate than ever before. Developed with window cleaners for window cleaners. The end clips of the Liquidator 3.0 are designed for wiping a window much more efficiently without having to detail the edges.

  • Comes with Liquidator NXT-R rubber
  • Better rubber pinching
  • Shorter learning curve compared to Liquidator 2.0


10 pcs / box Product reference
Excelerator 2.0 handle ID 25460


10 pcs/polybag Product reference
F*LIQ sleeve 25 cm / 10″ ID 23521
F*LIQ sleeve 35 cm / 14″ ID 23522
F*LIQ sleeve 45 cm / 18″ ID 23523


20 pcs/box Product reference
LIQUIDATOR 3.0 channel 25 cm / 10″ ID 26021
LIQUIDATOR 3.0 channel 35 cm / 14″ ID 26023
LIQUIDATOR 3.0 channel 45 cm / 18″ ID 26024


5 sets/polybag Product reference
Replacement LIQUIDATOR 3.0 end clips ID 26028
Replacement F*LIQ clips ID 23524

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25cm Complete, 35cm Complete, 45cm Complete