Ease System

Ultimate Squeegee

Already branded as being the fastest squeegee in the world, the EXCELERATOR is a remarkable new window cleaning handle in the Moerman product range designed with and for professional window cleaners according to the EASE value philosophy.



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You can set up the EXCELERATOR in a 10°, 25° or 40° angle depending on the type of window frame, window height, possible obstacles, challenging angles or just your personal preference. The angle selector makes it easy to strive for that perfectly no-detailing-needed edge.

The reason why the EXCELERATOR is proclaimed as being the world’s fastest squeegee is thanks to its extreme responsiveness. With the slightest twist of the handle, the squeegee blade immediately follows direction, chasing for the flawlessly clean window. The EXCELERATOR also has more channel spread which allows you to cover the window even faster.

Used as a rigid squeegee it evenly distributes constant pressure along the channel. Used as a pivot, its dynamic behaviour will make you sweep the window at a crazy speed.


10 pcs / box Product reference
EXCELERATOR handle ID 23525


10 pcs/polybag Product reference
F*LIQ sleeve 25 cm / 10″ ID 22559
F*LIQ sleeve 35 cm / 14″ ID 22560
F*LIQ sleeve 45 cm / 18″ ID 22561


20 pcs/box Product reference
LIQUIDATOR 2.0 channel 25 cm / 10″ ID 23215
LIQUIDATOR 2.0 channel 35 cm / 14″ ID 23217
LIQUIDATOR 2.0 channel 45 cm / 18″ ID 23218


5 sets/polybag Product reference
Replacement LIQUIDATOR 2.0 end clips ID 23520